Guilin Tour

YangshuoGuilin, Guangxi, belonging to, located in northeastern Guangxi, Guilin city to the south, the east in Gongcheng, Pingle County to the south, in Lipu county, in the west in Yongfu, Lingui County, Lingchuan County to the north, north – west.The county seat is about 65 kilometers, the county has a total area of 1,428 square kilometers, with 20,000 hectares of arable land, with total population of 30. 83 million people, 6 towns, 3 townships, like Han, Zhuang, Yao, Hui, one of 11 ethnic groups.

Regarding traffic: Yangshuo is born in the county, is full of mountains.Relative to other “mountain”, the traffic is convenient.Aviation has the Guilin Liangjiang International Airport;Guiyang – Guangzhou High – speed trains have passed through, is provided in a station in Yangshuo;high speed national high – speed G65, equipped with grapes, Baisha, three service area;State Road crossing the highway 321, is provided to the station fo yangshuo;Waterway has one of the world most beautiful rivers of Lijiang River.However, with respect to the developed areas, Yangshuo is backward of the traffic to get to the beauty of small – group photography site, also need to be driving your own car.Here the car can refer to a wheeled, tricycle, motorcycle, even on foot.You know, the photographer is not only mental worker, or physically, to the test more difficult.

Yangshuo global thumbnail map

For accommodation:Yangshuo hotel, inn, hostel, bed and breakfast and it’s too much.Five – star hotels in Bilian International Hotel Riverview, New West Street Hotel International, Yulonghe nad hotel, Ali pulled sugar hotel, yangshuo Banyan Tree.Too many inns, to name a few.Yangshuo has lodges in Tianya 13877375852 (Riverview), Lu Yun, Villa Mango’s Brigade, and the east courtyard fragrance with the characteristics of ‘home – stay.

about food:Beer Fish, Niang (snail stuffed tofu, brewed, brewing pomelo peel, bamboo shoot, mushroom stuffed, and stuffed mushrooms, stuffed pumpkin flowers, stuffed egg, balsam pear wine, stuffed eggplant, pepper, wax gourd stuffed, and stuffed with taro, old stuffed garlic, stuffed tomatoes, stuffed bean sprouts, fried tofu stuffed,Vegetable stuffed), argyi leaf, rice cake, handmade ginger sugar, dry pot, Griddle, rabbit, bovine Babao, chestnut, duck, fish, sugar, fried cake, etc.

Regarding the experience:Natural landscape of Lijiang River, the Darling Hill, Old Mountain Village, Xianfeng seven aces, Pingcui Wuzhishan, Shangri – la, Yulong River, long reservoir, the reservoir of Tand yangshuo, yangshuo TV Tower, the Lotus Peak, a park in Yangshuo Shili Gallery;The human landscape includes Yangshuo West Street, the Former Residence of Xu Beihong, Gardens, Impression Liu Sanjie, Xingping Ancient Town, Ancient Town Welfare, grape lala, Jiuxian – style dwellings, the dragon bridge, bridge, Nanfeng Temple, Bridge is a bridge.

Say so many, it is estimated that no more watching stupid pity, okay, next to you in detail.

traffic map

First, from the Chinese north of friends come to Yangshuo, Guilin; Transcontinental’s.There are several routes from downtown Guilin Yangshuo can arrive: the first line (fast line), the Liangjiang international airport – take the freeway through Yangshuo (G651,{Yangshuo airport bus (line)

Guilin Airport – to the station fo yangshuo9: 30 – 20: 00 intervals: 9: 30, 11: 00, 12: 30, 14: 00, 15: 30, 16: 30, 18: 00,20: 00 ticket price: 50 yuan Tel: 0773 – 6916828

to the station fo yangshuo – guilin airport7: 00 – 19: 00 interval: 7: 00, 9: 00, 11: 30, 13: 00, 14: 30, 16: 00, 17: 30,19: 00 Admission: 50 yuan Tel: 0773 – 6916828}2,{taxi rides cost 200 – 500, appear randomly.})

In the second route to save money (wire), Guilin station and get friends, directly in the square in front of the railway station sit 100 Road, 99; Bus to Guilin Guilin – Yangshuo bus station and buy a bus ticket for 20 – 35 yuan premium (holidays).Guilin Station of the friend, directly out of the station can see the left – turn bus to Yangshuo, someone holds a sign waved to you, fare varies from person to person and depends on personal ability to bargain – hunt, 25 yuan around the holidays (premium), is a bus stop in Yangshuo.

A third way, Gare du Nord in Guilin to Yangshuo to Guangzhou sitting in your station and get 20 yuan, and travelled back to Yangshuo trains to Yangshuo bus station, 20 yuan.

Addition, Article 4 of the route.Lijiang River cruise (Mopanshan Pier – Yangshuo jetty) can be long – winded, buy tickets directly on travel tickets APP can be finished by one phone in cars.Cost 300 – 500 yuan, and that 2 – 3 hours.5A scenic spot – free tour of the Lijiang River, Guilin “of the essence.

Add something, Article 5 of the route.Buy Guilin tourism line, double – decker sightseeing bus ticket is 60 yuan, Guilin Pingshan nonstop Yangshuo Shili Gallery as part of the yard.

At the end of the route – Guiyang road cycling routes.In accordance with State Highway 321, a green channel, and a lot of sightseeing, leisure – suited.Any station provided entertainment and leisure car rental services.

Green Road, Guiyang

Guilin is small, if you want to walk in downtown Guilin, various meta – 1 – 2 double deck bus your choice, a variety of small yellow car, a small blue car, the destressed zone can bemade public rental bike you ride.Lazy + Tuhao may choose to play, in Yangshuo Town. It is also true to Yangshuo bus is relatively small, the estimated share of bicycles to be seen.However, Yangshuo has a talisman called “burro” 50 yuan for one day of the electric vehicle.

From the southern friends come to Yangshuo, Guilin does not become involved.Nanning, Liuzhou, in the direction of a friend, if by rail, as described above with reference to the second route.If driving your own car, walk directly from the high speed service under Gao Tian in G65, followed the navigation into the city of Yangshuo.

Guangdong direction of friends can have three routes to choose from.air travel, see the first route;high – speed rail travel, directly in Yangshuo and get off at, reference is made to the above third route;Drive a travel oneself, G65 high Tian Expressway in the area, according to the navigation in Yangshuo County into the city.

Back to the point,Brigade captured the first station, the Lijiang River.

“Jiang is not the same as that of the green belt, the hills are emerald hairpins for thousand of years, how many bookman, heads of state politics on the Lijiang River.As the elementary textbook portrayed in the Lijiang River, the mountains, flowing quietly in the grass on the banks of the river.Although the fisherman and the sunrise, the sunset while the light of sight are a thing of the past.But trying to find the kind of taste, it being possible for the sun to “invite” local old fishermen do model, originally found in the Lijiang River.

Lijiang River

Even in beautiful clear skies, you can also use your eyes to capture it the glamour, with nose deep breathing with it the freshness.

Under Long scenery

If that is the case, then, you are really lucky.Amidst the Guilin scenery, absolutely you can’t decide to close your eyes.

nine horses in mountains

Continue along the Lijiang River, you can go to “the reflection of yellow cloth”, this place is a popular term to twenty RMB background, the famous player of RMB of punch the resort.

the reflection of yellow cloth

Next, a strong local Amway – Messire mountain.Many domestic and international award – winning photographer in the stands was born here, and now seems to be beginning to charge fees.

Messire flog in the mountain

Oriental Sunrise

Chaoyang fog

Continuing downriver, old mountain village, waiting for you.Here, you can see the Lijiang River first bay.Xingping Ancient Town from behind, there is a mountain of the stone road, is said to be a Japanese man under a new, relatively steep, climbing to safety.

Xingping Old Mountain Stronghold

Brigade captured the second station, the town of Yangshuo.Yangshuo Township, Yangshuo is the seat of the city.This is a house in the mountain town of shuttle.Yangshuo are city overlooking the entire city of Yangshuo is the best position, at a farmers market and next to an alley and walk in, I would have a mountain of the arrows, stone steps to reach the top.In the hill – top tent or get up early, good weather, you can get beautiful sunrise.

Yangshuo TV Tower

Lotus Peak, because the shape of a 14) budding Bilian, hence the name.West Street is located next to the garden both in the Lotus Peak, the mountain is the Lijiang River.This is a scenic spot for a fee.8: 00 in the morning Morning exercises can go forward without buying tickets.

Lotus Peak

Dongling, Yangshuo is on the east bank of the call.In direct Bilian summit overlooking Dongling, sun rises from here, if there is fog, the extraordinary artistic conception.

Dongling sunrise

Yangshuo Park.Yangshuo as a unique park, open to the public free of charge.The infrastructure is backward, and for that reason, the original ecology was preserved.The mountains, a tree, a tree beside the road, road and lake.You can choose one foggy morning, went into the forest to explore, go to the mountaintop to listen to the birdsongs.

Yangshuo Park

Yangshuo West Street.remember when I was young, the elderly with their burdens the stone road, a sell cucurbit, sell, sell snacks……………………………………………………………………… aliens riding a bicycle called the Phoenix, with film cameras kept clapping beat…………………………………………………………………….. now,Into one of the bars bar street, the reputation, the more lively, you simply cannot avoid the crowds.Hi may select the bar looking the best Dew, together with the rocking rhythm of the music, can also be selected to have a taste of the Qing Club and order a cocktail, tasted this fascinating town.’There are many interesting bookstores, coffee shops, handicraft shops can shop all day.

Xiejie of Yangshuo

Brigade captured a third station, in the Baisha.

From Yangshuo to Baisha town has three routes.

Yangshuo – Baisha line

A line: Baili Village in respect to county roads.This is a rugged mountain road, the old and the drivers to drive carefully.This road can be photographed over the hills of kumquat, one sees the famous tea plantation, very beautiful.Continuing forward with the Lijiang River is the husband of the famous mountain.

Seven Peak Tea Plantation

Baili Village ecological agriculture

Xianggong Mountain Valley

Line 2, walk the 321 national highway.Guilin – Yangshuo can ride the bus, get off to a scenic spot in Shangri – la.Actually, from the line reaching the Baisha is also along the national highway 321 can be reached xanadu.Xanadu scenic spot is a Taiwanese development of scenic spots, and admission, More details can be checked in travel APP.


Actually, this is a man – made attractions, but with better natural binding only to be recommended.For locals, the Yangshuo everywhere is paradise.

Line three, from Yangshuo city and is close to the Yulong River.Po Heung Jin then take direction forcibly in the swanky Amway Rock Village of free attractions – – rich in the bridge.This is the most perfect combination of man and nature.Not a single stone built of cement and steel, spans the Yulong River in centuries remain standing, and have to admire the wisdom of the ancients.

in bridge

Having mentioned the Yulong River, it’s fair to say that the dragon bridge.Riding on a raft, I rambled down the Yulong River, and would be in a ratio enriched in bridge also magnificent stone – dragon.Other, with stone bridges and ancient trees, mountains and near the water phase.

dragon bridge

Tourists said that Lijiang is a great lady, Yulong River is the daughter of a humble.I remember when I was a little girl, the Yulong mountain area or poor monarch in the soil, and later a French photographer, came here to put on a raft near the fishermen with a leisurely swim in the river, shooting out many literary works that won international prizes and, later, tourists started coming,Yangshuo has become the most sought – after tourist card.

Yulong River

Yulong Heshan fog

Yulong River sunset

Jiuxian – style dwellings, Xiatang Village Ancient Dwellings.Both the Ming and Qing Dynasties era is well, our ancestors witnessed the crime.Cut to the chase, gray bricks and black tiles, due to the renovation of the foreigners, and has become a sought – after of the home – stay inns, reportedly for a night.

Ancient Dwellings

If you’re in Cardiff in March to Yangshuo, Yulong River is the best option.Cross – Straits acres of rape flowers, and landscapes of competing visions, you indulge in, indulge in it.

Yulong River rape

Actually, the Yulong River upstream from the developed and the undeveloped areas, where the original appearance of the more intact, with the presentation of the next tour.

Beat the fourth leg of the journey, Campbell Township.There are three routes reaching the Po Heung Jin, I mainly introduce the right.I from Baisha township, Yangshuo ride to Gare du Nord in Yangshuo – Jinbao minibuses, around 7.This line is close to the Yulong River have been going to the upstream direction.You can appreciate from the hoodoos and into the mountains the vegetation changes.

Yangshuo – Po Heung Jin

To contribute to the development of photography has several villages, Yan Village, Xincun, under Long, Bridge, Jiuda, Yangshuo and Shanggetong are set.

Yan Village is located in the Yulong River upstream, you have to do is drive, indicating there are signposts along the way, we don’t have to worry about getting lost, but navigation may also work.Here Karst mountains with herds of hoodoos are unique in many undeveloped caves in which stalactites modeling is given a gift of Mother Nature.Ideal for photographers and outdoor explorers.

Yan Village

murmuring brook

Yan passing village after village can be reached.Village is also the hoodoos and, although more or less the same, but a careful also are provided.

Xincun idyllic.

Village after village from saddle reaches the bottom of the village.Long under the village is a relatively isolated village, due to the meanders of the brook is like a dragon, hence the name of the dragon.Long under the village, there are several high mountain peaks, if able to climb to the mountaintop God seeing the world, and it was a terrific you.The mountains of the village there are karst caves, underground rivers, and is connected with the holes, may be directly in the cave.A lot of beautiful stalactites glisten, and crystal.There’s a lot of bats in the cave, spectacular sights.The village there are two sides of the kumquat, sugar orange, tangerine and other varieties of oranges, pomelo and bamboo shoots are also rich and worth a trial.

Under the village.

Re starting to get to the Campbell Street, contained many snacks, which “cactus tofu”, “oil”, “fried cake” worth a try.Get a mention, one of the largest reservoirs in place for a long time, Spring is season of blooming milk vetch, here you can see.Also can paddle the boat from the fishing, singing fish late.

Astragalus sinicus sea

long reservoirlong reservoir of sunset

Here, the reservoir Speaking of beauty, Yangshuo and Shanggetong Reservoir.As the first reservoirs in Yangshuo, but NOT to where the name is misleading.Yangshuo of Tand ReservoirLocated in Yangshuo county in the west 30 kilometers, is located in the north of Campbell Township in Yangshuo Shanggetong are named after mountains in the territory.

Yangshuo of Tand Reservoir

In the reservoir to Yangshou and Shanggetong are set on the road, will approach a Nanfeng Temple where, during the Lunar New Year, February 19, September 19, this place is particularly lively, is said to be entire big Guilin, one of the most efficacious.Temple atop the mountain, the mountain roads are for car travel.Nanfeng Temple

Introduction of Campbell’s last place, called Bridge Bridge, Bridge is located in the village.Is a minority representative buildings of the Dong Nationality, is a river on the beautiful landscape.

Bridge is a bridge

Brigade shot in the fifth round, in Machyangbaw Town in Puta – O.Recommended, Pingcui Wuzhishan, lala, Grapes Hill, Paul Dillon Reservoir.Yangshuo – a departure from the city, there are three reference routes.Route one, Baili Village, County Road, the route to those mentioned above in the Baisha has explained, the only different is not diverged to the direction of the Baisha, took it to the town of grapes.Past ancient petra.The line two, in Yangshuo Vehicle Yangshuo – ride minibuses, State Highway 321 go straight.Line three, go for a national high – speed G65 in the service area under grapes.First introduce, Pingcui Wuzhishan.This is a recent discovery of the photographer photographed site.The hill, can list karst rural scenery and wonderful.Grapes from the town, directly to the navigation screen Green Village.In autumn, the golden paddy fields, are about the best time, if the fall in the green screen, you may feel that it is worth the climb.

Wuzhishan Green Screen

Lala, without a concrete – and – a – brac, and only natural limestone piled on top of the city.Lala Arbutus Ridge is located in the town of Grape Village, Baili Village walk the route.


Grape and grape mountain is located in the town, a manmade attractions, there is no good.Here it is not introduced.

The sixth brigade beat, Yang Di Township.Yang is a township in a dike near the town of Lijiang, specific reference is made to shoot the first brigade – the Lijiang River.City will go from Yangshuo to Guilin Highway 321 direction, in the Baisha town of grapes had shot up after a back entrance to go inside.

Yang embankment Rural roadmap

Recommend Ation on a classic trekking route, Yang Shi Lang – embankment Rural Village.

Langshi village

Brigade captured a seventh station, Xing Ping Town.The cream of Yangshuo, Guilin, Yangshuo, is of the essence in the cheerful ping.Recommended site: xingping town, fishing village, the river back village, rock, rock, Longjing River, nine horse hill, yellow cloth reflection, etc.

Relatively speaking, Yangshuo – a departure from the city of Xingping Township, the route is single, there was only one.In Yangshuo you can ride south of Xingping to Yangshuo – minibus, the fare is 7 yuan.

The xing ping routes

Xingping Ancient Town.To tell you the truth, the world’s all the same old town, black tiles and bricks. blackie Lane, suitable for young artists.

Xingping Ancient Town

Nine horse hill, yellow cloth reflection, the river back, screws, are some of the attractions along the Li River, Li River ride bamboo rafts can be reached, the fare is not a specifically, reference is made above on the tour, the Brigade shot.

Lotus Rock, beautiful stalactites mating colorful lighting effects, feast your eyes.From Xingping Ancient Town to Yangshuo at the stations, proceed approximately five kilometers.

Lotus Rock

Brigade captured the eighth station, town.Relative Xingping Ancient Town, a preference for the welfare of the town.Fuli Township in Yangshuo County is one of the city away from the nearest town, there are two way to travel.Line 1, with a total of Yangshuo – xingping minibus, alight at the Welfare Town, costs 5 yuan.The line two, came by sea, in Yangshuo, cruise wharf, wharf to welfare.The cost is unknown, please write to us.Recommended site: Welfare Town, Lijiang River and the welfare section, Ali pull. Tang hotel, The Banyan Tree, Dutou Village, Shunmei Reservoir.

town map

First, Ali La Tang hotel, located in Yangshuo city – town on the way.This is according to Yangshuo Old Sugar Mill of high forced Glen resort hotels, landscape and fusion of the old industrial design, creating unique beauty at home and abroad.Room prices at specific may query the travel website or APP.

Ali pulled. Tang House

Tang House

Welfare Town, a Chinese fan.Here is not as commercialized xingping town then, and not like a bustling place in Yangshuo, a quiet town with a famous fan – painting art, Chinese mugwort leafmulberry leaf, rice cake snacks, delicious rice flour cake and leaves.

Welfare Town

Yangshuo, the banyan tree.If Ali is the industrial landscape with the perfect combination of wind, the Banyan Tree China Feng and landscape is the perfect foil.This is a very high force of five – star hotel, located near the town of Lijiang River welfare, room prices at specific may query the travel website or APP.

Yangshuo Banyan Tree

Shunmei Reservoir, located in the town to the northeast, geographic location, the journey is distant, rugged mountain path comparison, the performance is better suited to the owner of the car navigation can be considered.

Shunmei Reservoir

Brigade captured the ninth station, Pu Yi Township.Puyi Township of Yangshuo, where the minimum of one township, located south of Yangshuo, Lijiang River downstream.In Yangshuo can ride south of Yangshuo – Pu Yi or green minibus service, driving, riding, pastoral landscape scenery along the way.Recommended site: Yangshuo lufthansa aviation sports base, leaving the public village, Pu Yi Ancient Town.

Pu – Yi Township on the traffic roadmap

Yangshuo lufthansa aviation sports training base.Here’s the hot – air balloon and paragliders can be challenging.

Yangshuo lufthansa aviation sports training base

Liu Gong Village.

Liu Gong, an ancient village

According to Cnbenefit the scenery.

According to Cnbenefit the scenery

Brigade beat tenth station, last stop, high in the town.Why am I in the town of Gao last finale, as it deserves.Line 1, Shili Gallery in New York.During the Yangshuo bus station seating Yangshuo – Takata minibuses, in Yangshuo Vehicle Yangshuo can also take high – Tian – Jin Bao by minibus, alight in Gaotian Town, 3 yuan.In Yangshuo city ride the special transit routes during the 3 yuan left.The Guilin, or take a sightseeing bus, fare paid 60 yuan.It sug – gests can use car also rent a bicycle trip.Second line, bike, electric line, this line is a line on the Yulong River ecological park, plays host to Yangshuo guesthouses, farmhouses, villages, and mandatory travel.Line three, bike, electric line, the idyllic scenery.Recommended site: Ten – Mile Gallery, Lang Zi Gu Village, Longtan Village, a Moon rock.

Gao Tian Travel Guide

Ten – Mile Gallery.Many people mistake this is a similar drawing of the promenade or one single scenic spot, there actually were.Ten – mile gallery of Yangshou refers to Gao Tian, a figure above the line, along the scenic spot, due to the roadside is picturesque, hence the name.Electric vehicle or riding a bike, is the best option, that road and mountain climbing, rock climbing, horseback riding, Hanami, picking strawberries and other outdoor activities.

Tian River



Lang Zi, an ancient village

Lang Zi

Moon Hill

Summary:As a photography enthusiast, uses his own ideas wrote the introduction, has largely avoided choosing some popular attractions while not being over – developed place, represents only personal, wrote a lot of places one does not expect you to Yangshuo to discover,But personal hope is that the convenient travel photography with like – minded friends.Yangshuo is a small place, not from Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and Shenzhen, the bustling, but the best.Some people live in very contradictory, always said that Yangshuo commercialization seriously, yet wanted desperately to the small town of extrusion;Attractions in said corresponding fees, trying desperately to crowded scenic spots;Yangshuo say rip – off. Rip off serious phenomenon, which, to be the most luxurious restaurant, eats all the expensive things.Again in addition to the frustration or disappointment.During his journey, as long as you maintain a good state of mind, believe you met are all good people.A lot of people for a living, might unscrupulous” groomed “to you, but most people were all very friendly.Believe in one motto: “Love your neighbour, yet put not down your hedge”.With cameras on the road, you’ll find your beautiful eyes!

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